Comobar Dark: An equal mix of precious 50% Arabica coffee and 50% Robusta to provide a full body intense taste in the best traditions of Italian espresso.

Comobar Regular: The harmony of precious and renowned 30% Arabica and 70% Robusta skillfully dosed to create an intense, clean, and subtle taste of our Italian espresso.

Comobar Decaf: 100% Arabica coffee for a sweet and delicate Italian espresso, ideal to drink at anytime of the day.
MokaCup .1: 100% Robusta crema Italian classic roast
MokaCup .2: 70% Robusta-30% Arabica medium roast
MokaCup .3: 50% Robusta-50% Arabica dark roast
MokaCup .4: Decaffeinated (water process)