New Kelly Capsules

RED: Arabica 30% and Robusta 70%

The armony of the precious and renowed Arabica coffe of Central America and the Robusta of South-East Asia skillfully dosed create the intense, clean and subtle taste of our espresso.

NOIR:  Arabica 50% and Robusta 50%

An equal mix of Arabica of Central America and Robusta of South-East Asia provide a full body intense taste in the best traditions of Italian espresso.

DECAF:  Arabica 100%

Hundred per cent pure Arabica coffe from Central America for a sweet and delicate espresso, ideal to drink at anytime of the day.

ORZO: Soluble Barely, it may contains traces of milk.

The aroma of coffe with a light yet intense taste of selected, carefully roasted and grounded Barely.

GINSENG: Sugar, powdered skim milk, lactose, instant coffe, powdered Ginseng,aromas.

Originating from an ancient and precious root used thousands of years in the oriental medicine, Ginseng is, skillfully mixed with coffee to become an extraordinary drink. Strong, energizing and naturally sweet in flavor.

LEMON TEA:  Sugar, tea extract, citric acid, dehydrated lemon juice, aromas. Trace of milk.

Prestigious Ceylon black tea, low in caffeine yet strong and full body, has been harmonized whit soothing flavor of Sicilian lemons. Full taste of tea with no compromise.

CHOCOLATE:  Sugar, skim cocoa, powdered skim milk, glucose, coco fat, salt, E340ii, E471, aromas. Trace of milk.

For those whit a sweet tooth, the pleasure of a dense and fragrant chocolate as in the best traditions. Your sweet treat of the day in a single serve capsule.

MILK:  Dehidrated skim milk, sugar, glucose, coco fat, E471, E340

Dehydrated skim milk in a single serve capsule,  it can be used on its own or mixed whit other products to obtain delicious and satisfying drinks of your liking.